Saturday, January 15, 2011

Showcase Wednesday - Sisterhood Sewing

Yes, yes, I do realise that today is Saturday, and my timeliness on posting this is all whacked out, but we have been very busy behind the scenes with efforts for the Queensland Floods, so I do hope you will forgive me. But that is for discussion at a later date, as I don't want to detract from the joys I have to share with you right now.

I am infact here to introduce, to those of you who haven't already heard, a lovely lassie by the name of Ellie, who is the creator extraordinaire behind Sisterhood Sewing

Ellie is not originally from these parts.  She grew up in a small town in South Australia called Laura where her first ever job was in a sewing shop over the school holidays at the age of 15. This, she found far more appealing than the Child Care work experience she had already done, in her words "love kids, have two exceptionally gorgeous ones myself, and admire anyone who could be in a room with 30 of them all week"
And there, in that sewing shop, the seeds of crafting passion were born.

Then, when she went to visit her dear Grandma in the big smoke of Adelaide and they went on an excursion to Spotlight, Ellie thought that she had found fabric heaven.

This developing passion for creating was willed to blossom by Ellie's darling mother who  encouraged her and her two sisters to pursue the things that they enjoyed, which for Ellie of course was "sewing and FABRIC"

And how could you not love fabric like this!?

She recalls her mother taking their one little television to the op shop, but never missed it as she was quite content to while away the hours on a sewing project instead of watching the tube.  I tell you, every child needs a mother just like this, to encourage you to create like this...

And this....

Not to mention these little beauties....

After finishing High School, and being excepted to Uni, she decided instead to take a job at a soft-furnishings company. It was there that she learned to tools of the trade, and how to wrangle an Industrial sewing machine. As she says "hold on tight, those things go fast!" And from then on, there was just no stopping her.

And in the process of creating, Sisterhood Sewing was born.

You can find Ellie, and her amazing Sisterhood Sewing Creations in the following web locations:


If you want to meet her and her treasures in person, you can find her
(on a nice day) at the Gold Coast Beach Markets
On the first Sunday of every Month at The Village Markets

And there are currently four shops on the Gold Coast stocking her wares.

She is already somewhat of a celebrity, and her treasures have even graced the pages of Frankie mag...

Tomorrow we will be sharing an interview with this darling lady, so be sure to head back and find out what makes her and her sewing machine tick.

And, on Monday there will be Sisterhood Sewing goodies up for grabs! Hooray!

Much love
Hatch ..xx

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