Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Showcase - Savage Kitten

Well hello there you!
Don't you know I have something brilliant to share with you? I hope you are as excited about it as I am!

Today, I am delighted, and so very excited, and you are invited to take a peek at the wonders of...
(are you ready for this!?)

Savage Kitten
  Yay! Hooray! Hoorah!

Kim Wheeler is the brains, beauty, and creative brilliance behind the joy that is Savage Kitten, and Oh, what a joy it is! 

Kim is an Australian born artist, designer and creator. She has always been a 'maker of things' from her self stated early obsession with scissors, through to today, and her love of all things creative. 
This includes painting, drawing, photography, and baking.

If Savage Kitten is anything to go by, let me assure you, this woman will most definitely whip up a mean choc brownie!

She refers to her passion for making as " the creativity monster inside" something I think all creatives understand, as it never lets up, but Kim and her creativity monster seem to get on just fine, and she would be rather empty inside without him.

In Kim's words, "Savage Kitten is currently about jewellery, pins, scarves and accessories, oh and the occasional manly item.  I have very strict quality controls and everything in the range is made solely by me. I have heard people describe SK as pretty with an edge, this is exactly what I am trying to achieve"

You can find Savage Kitten on the Webby at the following locales:

Savage Kitten Blog:
Kim's Blog:

Tomorrow we are going to share an interview with Kim, so be sure to check back for a big dose of creative inspiration, and a little look into the mind of a wonderful Gold Coast Creative

Thanks so much to Kim, and Savage Kitten for letting us share.

Much love

Hatch ..xx


  1. Thanks to Hatch for letting me share. As always it has been a pleasure. x

  2. I *heart* Savage Kitten. You have inspired me to wear my SK earrings tomorrow :-)