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In Their Own Words - Savage Kitten

Oh Helloooooo!

Sorry to have been absent from this space yesterday, I know, I was supposed to share with you an interview with the darling Kim at Savage Kitten, but all number of weird, wacky and downright interruptive things kept me at bay from the keyboard. 
One of which, involved removing an itsy bitsy gecko from a banner that was hanging on the wall, to which he had crawled into drying paint, and found himself well and truly stuck!

But, enough about me and Mr Gecko, onto far more impressive and inspiring things...

Today, Ladies and Gentlemen, I WILL bring you an interview with the darling Kim from Savage Kitten.

Read away, be inspired....

How did Savage Kitten all begin? What was the lightbulb moment when you decided to sell your goodies?
Savage Kitten started in a much different form to its current form. I used to make felt logo’s and sew them on t-shirts. Funny story about how that came about, but I think my audience has changed from those days. To be honest I have no idea why I started making jewellery, but somewhere about 2 years ago there was a lightbulb moment and it just happened organically. 

How and when did you learn your crafting skills?I have never had any formal training as such. I remember in school getting high marks for cross stitch, sewing, all that kind of thing. I think I just had a knack for it. I love hands on. My mum and I used to sit in our laundry and sew on an old Singer sewing machine with a foot pedal that was pretty cool.

What inspires you to create?Everything… I visualise things a lot. I did a drawing course about 2 years ago and it taught me persistence more than anything, but it also seemed to give me an artist’s eye. I def see the world differently since opening up this side of my brain. I can’t go outside without seeing a photo opportunity!

What was the last thing you made? What will be the next?The latest thing I have made is what I have called hair-candy. These are hair accessories made from felt, with buttons and beads. I have had quite a few requests for hair accessories.  I think these have an art nouveau look to them.
What’s next… well I would like it to be dresses, everyday dresses. That is the plan, but we’ll see. I have started to group some of my items under a sub-heading of wardrobe by Savage Kitten, so I hope to explore this is 2011.

What do you wish there was more of for artisans on the Coast?A dedicated, indoor (!) artists markets that does not sell second hand, vintage or mass produced items.

What has been the best moment since it all began?Feedback. I have received the most extraordinary feedback and it just blows me away. When people get what I am doing it is all worthwhile.

What about the most challenging moment?I find trying to sell, analyse, get numbers of followers and general number crunching to be so tiresome. It can also put so much pressure on you. Last year I wanted to throw it all in as I think I had become obsessed by all of this. I had to stop and remember why I do it and enjoy that. I prefer to create and do not like making on the premise of selling, tis a difficult balance for a business, tis perfect for the artist.

What is 2011 bringing for Savage Kitten?As I mentioned I would like to work on the wardrobe side of Savage Kitten, this includes my scarves and felt brooches and hair-candy. I would also like to see SK in some stores and to work on my art and maybe start to sell prints etc.

Thanks for sharing with us Kim!

You can find out more about Savage Kitten below:

Tomorrow (and I promise it WILL be tomorrow) there is going to be a giveaway generously donated by Savage Kitten, so be sure to check back if you would like to get your hot little hands on some SK goodies.

Much love

Hatch ..xx

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