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In their own words - Sisterhood Sewing

Hello again,

I prepared a lovely post for you all, featuring an interview with the lovely Ellie from Sisterhood Sewing and yesterday it was supposed to appear on the blog for your reading pleasure, but it somehow got swallowed up by the great (and sometimes quite unfriendly) web monster.  I wonder where it went, certainly not here that is for sure!

So, here today, I bring you an interview with darling Ellie, an apology for this not arriving as expected, and a note to say that I will also be posting the wonderful and exciting Sisterhood Sewing giveaway today, in a separate post.

So read, enjoy, be inspired.

Thanks to Ellie for taking the time to share with us, and be sure to check out her lovely wares, and show her some support and on Facebook here

When did Sisterhood Sewing begin? 
Sisterhood sewing began 2009 . I belong in a group of fabulous women from Generation Church who have monthly events called Sisterhood.  One night we had a guest speaker from teen challenge queensland ( which helps young people to get free from addictions).
I  thought how can i use what God has given me to help others,,,, from there my mind was flooded with creative ideas and i started my first range of babushka dolls. once my friends knew what i did they started ordering them and telling their friends.

How did you learn your craft?
mainly self taught, trial and error.

What was the motivation to start creating? What was the push that saw you decide to start selling your items? in my spare time, ha ha ,being a stay at home mum i had made a stock pile of babushkas and owls. My sister helped me run my first market stall at the coolangatta beach markets. it did sell products but it was so exhausting that it took me about  year to do more markets.

How did you decide on the best forum for showcasing and selling your wares?  Which have you found the most successful and why?trying different local markets to see which ones attract my kind of shopper.
The village Markets are great because they promote their stallholders and advertise well.

What are your favourite materials to work with?beautiful cotton fabric,luxurious furnishing fabrics.  and my personal fave Cool VINTAGE fabric which i find so hard to part with.

Where do you get the inspiration for your pieces from?i look for trends eg babushkas and owls at the moment and i try to make mine a bit different and extremly cute.
i  have lots of creative friends of all ages and they often have some fantastic ideas and i work on the pattern. for example the pirate owl idea was from a friend who is a graphic  designer.  I made 5 of them for her nephews for christmas with their initials sewn on the wing.

Who do you imagine to be a buyer and lover of your items?my range at the moment is ALL ages. i have people buy mainly for themselves but so often for gifts for friends and family of ALL ages, to people tracking me down for baby gifts.

What has been the highlight for you since it all began? What about the most challenging bits?
 the popularity of  handmade has helped, and FACEBOOK is the best way for showing people what you are up to.

What was the last thing you created?am in the process of a vampire owl.... stay tuned.

What new things will we be seeing from Sisterhood Sewing in 2011?different styles of owls

What is the best thing about living a creative life on the Gold Coast? so many markets to choose from
meeting other friendly helpful creative stall owners

What is the most Challenging?most challenging is keeping work, life, family balance.

Thanks Ellie!

Much love
Hatch ..xx

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