Friday, December 31, 2010

Giveaway - Alipink

Oooh, we've got something lovely to give away!! Hooray, hooray I hear you say!

A treat in the shape of a little clutch purse from Alipink!

In the words of Ali, "It is made from original 1980s John Kaldor fabric and reminds me of a Rubiks cube. It is lined with cotton fabric and is secured with elastic and a vintage button.  The clutch measures about 24cm (9 1/2 inches) wide and 17cm ( 6 1/2 inches) when folded.   It comfortably fits a phone, keys and wallet.  Great for lunch date or night out."

Isn't she just a sweetpea for sharing her wonderful goodies with us all?

If you aren't a Facebook fan already, jump on over here and give her a fanning in return for her generosity!

All you have to do for your chance to win is comment below this post, will draw the winner this time next week.  Good luck my dears!

Love Hatch

Thursday, December 30, 2010

In their own words - Alipink

Today my little darlin's you can find out even more about the delightful Ali from Alipink
Hooray, I hear you say!
She is a super-dee-dooper lady indeed, with a crafting conscience, an artistic view of the Gold Coast's future, and best of all, a huge love of creating! Read on my merry men, and find out for yourselves!

How long have you been in business, and what was the light bulb moment that made it all begin?I have been in business since late 2008.  Prior to then I was making and selling items to friends and friends-of-friends.  On-line markets such as etsy have made selling handmade goods more achievable for little businesses like mine.  Oh, and my children got a little older which gave me more time at the sewing machine.

What do you think makes alipink unique? When it comes down to it is is the fabrics that make alipink products unique.  alipink is part of the movement towards a more thoughtful use of resources.  I believe that by using beautiful and unique fabrics in products then this encourages 'mindful' use of these products.  Choosing to purchase a handmade item rather than a throwaway mass-produced item also fosters mindfulness.  It is great to see so many artists and crafters with the same philosophy.

What are you influenced and inspired by when creating? I am inspired by the fabrics themselves when I am creating - the size of the print, the colours and the need to avoid holes or marks often dictates the size and shape of an item.  I also love to browse craft books and magazines and have a growing collection of vintage craft books.  I don't really read blogs but I do pop in to check out, and every now and again. 

When did you last create, and what was it?
The last major project I undertook was a coin quilt for my friend's new baby boy.  Each 'coin' was a different vintage or retro fabric in shades of blue, red and yellow.  I knew she would appreciate the time and effort that went into the quilt and I can imagine her little one choosing his favourite 'coin' when he is older. 

What will you be creating next?
I have four unfinished quilts in my sewing room at the moment so hope to be completing them over the Christmas / New Year break.

Where or how did you learn your craft? I have been sewing and crafting since I was a child. I can remember being taught to embroider and knit by my grandmother.  My mother is a great sewer and made all our clothes when we were children.  It was a while before she'd let me near the sewing machine though!  I bought my own sewing machine in my early twenties and have been developing my sewing skills since then.  I still knit and embroider and have recently learnt to crochet (thank you YouTube!).

What has been the best moment since it all began? What about the most challenging?The best part of alipink is getting positive feedback from customers.  I also love the nostalgia that my fabrics produce in buyers.  I often get comments like "I had sheets with that print when I was a child" or "My grandma had a table cloth like that".
The most challenging part is trying to make this venture self-supporting.  At the moment I can justify my expenditure as I have a part-time job but I am always conscious to avoid being a drain on the family budget.

What are your favourite materials to work with? Where do you source them? I love all vintage fabrics but am particularly enamoured with vintage bed linen at the moment as I have recently started quilting.  My fabrics are sourced mainly from op shops but I have kind family and friends who pass pieces on to me.  When I am looking for new fabrics I go to local online sellers,, and

Describe the Art/Craft community of the Gold Coast as you see it?It is constantly surprising.  I am originally from Sydney and moved to the Gold Coast about four years ago after a period of time in regional NSW and in London.  The Gold Coast is not all shopping malls, canal developments and bogans -  there is a diverse population here with a definite creative and environmentally and politically aware thread running through it.  I love living here!

What do you wish there was more of available for crafters and artisans on the Coast?
I would love the Gold Coast to host a dedicated handmade market.  There are lots of great markets here now and it would be great to be able to showcase artists and crafters without competition from mass-produced / imported products.

What do you wish for the future of art, creativity, and culture on the Coast? 
I can see the creative community growing here on the Gold Coast, especially through groups such as Crafty Coasters and The Hatchling Society Crafternoons.  The push against the giant shopping malls has begun! 

And what about the future for alipink?There are some new ventures ahead for alipink in partnership with other creative friends here on the Gold Coast. I am always looking for opportunities to reach new customers too and would love to be stocked in some local shops.  Hopefully 2011 will be the year that alipink becomes self-supporting.

Here's where you can find more of those truly scrumptious Alipink goodies....

Thanks so much to the wonderful Ali for taking the time to share with us! What a gem she is! Tis nice indeed to find locals with the same creative, handcrafting ideals, perhaps this 'Gold Coast artistic Utopia' thing I keep rattling on about is not implausible after all!  Ali is on my side!

Be sure to check back tomorrow, to find out you can get your hot little hands on a FREE piece of Alipink treasure all for yourself! Nice, Thanks again Ali!

Love Hatch

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Showcase Creative - Alipink

Well hello there! 
It has certainly been a while!  

Christmas makes everything so very crazy, and The Hatchling Society is no exception, so we have been on a little hiatus while the madness ensued.

But here we are again, stuffed to the eyes with turkey and plum pud, and ready to roll out the next year, and a whole lot of lovely and wonderful creative joys.

Today, my fine feathered friendlings, I have some more delightful handcrafter Gold Coast goodness to share with you, this time from the delightful Ali, from Alipink.  Mmmm scrumptious!

Coast local, Mama, Nurse, and crafter Extraordinaire, Ali does it all, and with such great gusto and talent that we feel the need for a swoon... aaaaah!

She creates pieces that are classic, functional, and beautiful to boot. She also has a love of retro designs, and takes joy out of re-purposing fabrics, which means each and every item she creates is either one-of-a-kind, or a limited production. Hoorah to being unique and individual!

So, step away from that pitiful Gold Coast mass-produced mindset, take a dive into the world of Alipink, and you can have yourself a little piece of unique, handcrafted, locally produced treasure.
Doesn't that sound just lovely!?

You can find all these gorgeous treats and more from Alipink online at:


And if you are venturing to the big smoke, you can see the lady and her lovely wares in person at the BrisStyle Markets.  Loverly!

Tomorrow, we will be sharing an interview with Miss A. herself, so if you want some great inspiration from a crafty Gold Coast lady, check back. 

Aaaaand, on Friday, there might possibly some lovely treats from Alipink up for grabs, infact, I am quite certain that yes indeedy there will be!
Come back and win free stuff, it's handcrafted, and made locally, and simply just great!

Love Hatch ..xx