Sunday, October 31, 2010

The First Annual Crafternoon Christmas Swap

Create a piece of crafty goodness, package it up, and send it to Hatchling Society HQ.  Come Xmas, your piece of Christmas craftiness will be sent of on Santa's sleigh to some other lucky participant, and you in turn will receive a handcrafted piece of Christmas joy. Hoorah!

How it works:
To keep it fair and fun for everyone, try to keep your item around the value of $20-$30.  We're pretty sure that you don't want to be the one who spends heaps of time and money creating something amazing only to receive an empty matchbox in return, so be sure to put in the amount and effort that you want in return.

ALL handmade items must fit in an A4 size Express Post Satchel.  We do everything here at The Hatchling Society out of the goodness of our hearts, which unfortunately doesn't extend to forking out for extra postage for the suckers who didn't read the instructions properly. If your item is too big, it will be returned to you, which will not be all that cool for you.

Don't forget to think about how you'd feel if when you opened your swap pressie it was damaged or broken. Please, create, package and post with care and kindness.

All craft swap items Must, Must, MUST arrive at Hatchling Society HQ no later than December 10th!!!  If you miss the Xmas sleigh, you could single handedly be responsible for ruining someone elses Crafernoon Christmas Day, I'm sure no-one wants to be responsible for that now do they!! Raaaah!

What you need to include:
Your handcrafted Christmas Swap present (of course!) all wrapped in super Xmas style and ready to be ripped open with glee by the lucky recipient

A self-addressed, postage paid A4 size Express Post Satchel (make sure to get the one for Goods, not the one for Documents) don't forget to put your address on, as this is how Santa will know where to deliver your crafty Christmas treat.

Any info you would like to share about yourself, your craft item, or any creative endeavours/ventures you are undertaking.

Send all of this off to:  (by the 10th Dec, the 10th, the 10th!)
The Hatchling Society
9/105 Christine Avenue
Burleigh Waters, QLD, 4220

The Christmas Crafternoon Event can be found on Facey here, feel free to invite anyone who resides in Australia to participate.  If you are located outside Australia, feel free to organise your own Christmas Craft Swap, and let us know all about it.

Below is some inspiration, now go get your craft on!!!

GIVEAWAY: Hungry Designs

Amanda from Hungry Designs has been so very generous, and is giving all Hatchling Society blog readers the chance to win not one, not two but THREE of her beautiful creations! What a darling she is!

For your chance to snap up three of these little babies, head over to the Hungry Designs Etsy Store, pick out the three pieces that you love the most, and let us know which ones they are by commenting below this post. Easy as pie. will be in charge of drawing the winner next Sunday arvo, so make sure you get clicking!

Head over and show your support for Amanda and her Hungry Designs Creations, on Facey, and make sure you say a big Thanks for being so generous!!

Good luck ya'll


Saturday, October 30, 2010

In Their Own Words - Hungry Designs

Due to unfriendliness from the internet Gods, this has been a little delayed, but here and now, I present to you an interview with this week's Showcase Local Creative, Amanda Whitelaw from Hungry Designs.
Find out more about this very talented lady, how Hungry Designs has grown, and what makes her inspired to create. 

When did Hungry Designs begin? What was the motivation to start creating?
Hungry Designs started when I was studying at Art School in Scotland.  I studied Illustration & Printmaking at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design and in my final year I began work on a project questioning the cost of fashion and luxuries and the cost of starvation and poverty.  I screen printed a set of t-shirts with the label “Hungry Designs”  The name just stuck and while Hungry Designs is a completely different beast, it’s nice to know that the name is still appropriate. 

How did you learn your craft?
I wouldn’t say I learned my craft.  I am a self confessed geek and love modern American comics.  I am inspired by them every day and am so thankful that I picked up my first comic book in the library when I was 15.  It is a love affair that encourages me to create and better myself and my designs.

What are your favourite materials to work with?
I primarily work in pencils and digital colours.  I am a screen printer by trade and always have a soft spot for printmaking, although the facilities aren’t as readily available as I would like them to be.

Where do you get the inspiration for each piece from?
I am inspired by comics, macabre themes (especially zombies!) as well as more whimsy and romantic themes, such as my Balloon Girl brooches.  I love pin up and these saucy women provide an ever changing source of inspiration for me.

Who do you imagine to be a buyer and lover of your items?
I am constantly surprised by what customers Hungry Designs attracts.  I have had more mature ladies buying brooches for themselves and their granddaughters and then I have had young children who adore the Typewriter Key Rings.  My customer base shifts and switches and I love meeting customers.  They are so enthusiastic and I enjoy getting their feedback. 

What has been the highlight for you since it all began?
A highlight for me was being featured in Gold Coast October Style Magazine.  This was so nerve wracking!  I don’t really seem myself as the face of Hungry Designs and prefer to think this of my products.  So having my photograph in a magazine for people to see was a little unnerving. 

Also finding out that Andrew G is the proud owner of a Hungry Designs Polaroid Brooch was very exciting!  He bought one of my brooches from Leeloo ( and I’m thrilled!

Describe the Art scene of the Gold Coast through your eyes?
I think the Gold Coast is fantastic as it always seems to be changing.  People are so willing to buy handmade goods and no longer is it thought that only Granny’s knit.  The handmade scene is very much here and people are embracing it.  They appreciate the time and effort that goes into designing and creating accessories and other wares.  Customers are inquisitive and like to know that what they have bought isn’t mass produced.

What do you wish for the future of art, creativity, and culture on the Coast?
Although I love the markets I attend on the Gold Coast (The Village Markets), I would like to see more markets on the Gold Coast that are strictly handmade.  I am a member of BrisStyle an LOVE their markets.  They specialize in markets that are strictly handmade and everything is so thoughtful and well put together.  I would love to see something like this on the Gold Coast.

What about for the future of Hungry Designs?
I am hoping that Hungry Designs will have even more handmade accessories in the coming years.  I’m looking at making purses with my illustrations printed on the fabric as well as screen printed tote bags.  I am very happy with the direction that Hungry Designs is going in and am hopeful that this continues.

Thanks so very much to Amanda for taking the time to share her brilliance with us, and be sure to come back tomorrow for your chance to win Three YES THREE original Hungry Designs Wearable Art Brooches!  Woweee!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Showcase Local Creative - Hungry Designs

This week we at The Hatchling Society would like to share with you the amazing talents, and creative endeavours of the lovely Amanda Whitelaw from Hungry Designs.

Amanda is one very talented gal indeed.  Hungry designs specialises in turning illustrations into pieces of wearable art.  Each one-of-a-kind illustration is created by her own hand using pencils, and then transformed into the whimsical, romantic and sometimes macabre pieces found in the Hungry Designs collection.

Amanda is a self-confessed geek, with a love of American inspired comics, which shows through in the wonderful illustrations she creates.

You can find Hungry Designs at ...(currently we are having picture issues, so you will find a visual feast at the following locations...)

Online Store:
Etsy Store:

Tomorrow, The Hatchling Society blog will be featuring an interview with the lovely Amanda, so be sure to check back for some inspiration and insight from a wonderful Gold Coast Artisan

Much love
Hatch ..xx

Friday, October 22, 2010

WHATS ON: FRIDAY 22nd October

Tonight, there is something very exciting and delighting happening at Reap n Sow....

Here you will find a link to the Paper Friend Exhibition with 'Wonderful Things' by
Hannah Smith and Guy Parker.

The Exhibition starts at 6pm, and Reap n Sow is located upstairs opposite the main bus-stop on the GC Highway in Burleigh.

Paper Friend a go-go!!

Love Hatch ..xx


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Congratulations to Deb, you are the lucky winner of the Onceworn Twiceloved giveaway.  Be sure to give a big thanks to Sue for taking the time to create this little gem...

Thanks to everyone else who took the time to comment, be sure to come back next Friday for your chance at a giveaway from next week's Showcase Local Creative.

Much love
Hatch ..xx

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This week's Showcase Local Creative is the lovely Jess from Winnifred's Daughter. 
Here you will find an interview with Jess, in which you will find out a little more about Winnifreds Daughter, what inspires and excites her creativity, and what life is like as a creative on the Gold Coast.

Thanks Jess!

What inspired you to start Winnifreds Daughter?
Having already studied and worked in various areas of the arts industry, somehow I have always come back to crafting.  Winnifreds Daughter is the outcome of my finally succumbing to my secret passion for all things snipping, snapping, sketching and stitching and harnessing that passion into an achievable business venture.

What are your favourite materials to work with?The entire process from selecting the pre-loved fabrics to attaching the product tag to one of my creations is a labor of love.  I troll local op-shops for beautiful fabrics and these, along with gorgeous buttons and lace are what make my products unique; once a particular fabric has been used up, there is no popping down to the shop for more and therefore, everything is limited edition. The materials that will run out one day are always the ones I love most- it makes them special.

How did you learn your craft?
The name Winnifreds Daughter came from a nickname my uncle gave to my mum when he was a child (he couldn’t quite say ‘Jennifer’ so he called her ‘Winnie’ instead).  I was keen to find a name that paid testament to the fact that all of my craft and sewing skills were taught to me by my mother.  Ever since forever she has taken my sister and I along to craft shows, gallery exhibitions and markets to get ideas for our creations.
Who do you imagine to be a buyer and lover of your items?
Anyone who squeals when a cute dog walks past, is partial to puddle stomping, still plays dress-ups, enjoys devouring cupcakes with white icing and loves all things one-of-a-kind and handmade. 

What has been the highlight for you since it all began?The most rewarding moment of the Winnifreds Daughter experience so far was when I posted my very first item in my online store.   That moment was the conclusion to a year of preparation and the beginning of running my very own little business which was extremely gratifying.  

What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about working within the Arts spectrum on the Gold Coast?
I have lived on the Gold Coast for about 12 years and in that time have been amazed at how much it has developed in terms of opportunities for artists.  Personally, being previously involved in photography, visual arts and film, I have found attainable avenues to get my work out into the community through local annual arts awards and gallery competitions.  Seeing your work hanging on a gallery wall alongside fellow creative workers is an enormously rewarding thing for any aspiring artist.

What is the most Challenging?
Given that art (in any form) is subjective, the most difficult thing about carving out a career within the arts spectrum on the Gold Coast is creating art and craft products that are unique and distinctive.  There are a vast number of incredibly talented individuals living on the Gold Coast and therein lies the challenge of breaking through with concepts and creations that are crowd pleasing and memorable.  
Describe the Art scene of the Gold Coast through your eyes? 
The heart and soul of the Gold Coast art scene can be primarily found in the many arts and craft markets that take place every weekend of the month.  It is here that artistic expression takes on forms of all kinds and I adore being able to shop for beautiful treasures knowing that they’ve been created by hand and with love.  To me, this is the ultimate community-based art scene.

What do you wish for the future of art, creativity, and culture on the Coast?
As an aspiring artist and practicing crafter, my priority is to get my work out there where people can see it and any prospect of increasing the volume of creativity and artistic culture in the Gold Coast community is positive.  For me, the future of expanding and enhancing the variety and degree of artistic practices on the Gold Coast, lies in the avenues, opportunities and pathways provided for artists and creative folk to express themselves.  Ultimately, the more galleries we open, the more artists can get their art on the walls, the greater the number of competitions organised, the greater the number of aspirers can enter.  This is what I think needs to happen to turn the Gold Coast into the creative hub we all know it can be.

What about the future of Winnifred's Daughter?
My hope for Winnifreds Daughter is that it finds a place in the crafting community locally, nationally and internationally.  I plan to expand the product range and explore other forms of merchandise development and make my brand the best it can be.  As long as my creative juices are permitted to flow, I shall remain content.

* If you missed yesterday's Winnifreds Daughter post, you can find it here*

Contact Winnifred's Daughter here (Email)
Shop Winnifred here (Etsy) and
Become a WD fan here (Facebook)

Jess and her Winnifreds Daughter Creations are also attending the Pine Ridge Craft Markets, wich will be held on 13th November, Xmas shopping anyone?... All readers and supporters of The Hatchling Society have generously been offered a 10% discount from Winnifreds Daughter when purchasing from these markets, so be sure to head along and check out the wealth of creative talent the Gold Coast has to offer.

Once again a huge thanks to Jess for sharing with us, and inspiring us all to get involved in the growth of the Gold Coast creative community.

Much love
Hatch ..xx

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This week our featured Gold Coast creative is Jessica Davis, who is the brains and brilliance behind  online Etsy store Winnifreds Daughter.

At Winnifreds Daughter you will find a simply delectable range of 'loveables' all handcrafted by Jess in her home studio at Tallai, on the Gold Coast of course!

Jess has a great passion for items that are one-of-a-kind and unique, and this combined with her desire to create with and environmental conscience saw the birth of Winnifreds Daughter, and the cute to boot softies that make up the range.
Every single piece in the Winnifreds Daughter cache is one of a kind, and are all created using found materials, fabrics and embellishments. Oh joy, not only are they gorgeous, they all have a conscience too!

You can find the Winnifreds Daughter Etsy shop here and also on Facey here
And if you would like to contact Jess you can email her here

Jess and her Winnifreds Daughter scrumptious softies will also be attending the first ever Pine Ridge Craft Markets, which will be held on the 13th November.

Jessica has been very generous in offering a 10% discount to all Hatchling Society fans who attend these markets and hunt out the Winnifreds Daughter stall!  Thanks Jess!! Be sure to head along, see what is on offer, and say hi to Jess and her loveables, who are waiting patiently to meet you.

More info about the markets for shoppers and stallholders alike can be found here

Be sure to come back tomorrow to check out our interview with Jess, and find out what life as a creative entrepreneur is like at Winnifreds Daughter.

Til then, much love
Hatch ..xx

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Tonight, (16th October) ladies and gentlemen, 19 Karen is hosting the Opening Night soiree for some amazing exhibitions.

Rebecca Murphy - 'Wallflower'

Ryan Preece - 'Boating Songs'

Will Duncan - 'Wild West'

The doors open at 6pm, and the first 60 people to arrive get free champagne with wild hibiscus flowers. How nice.
The three artists will also be there, and will be talking about their works, so if you don't want to miss this ensure you are there no later than 7pm.

Ensure that you RSVP to the event  if you are planning to attend. 

If you really want to see these beautiful works, but can't make it tonight the exhibiton runs until the 13th November.

A map to 19 Karen is located here

There will also be

Friday, October 15, 2010

WHATS ON: EverEver Gallery Mi Casa es Su Casa

This weekend, there are lots of delightful and inspiring things happening all over the (not so) sunny Gold Coast, who said that the Coast was a Black Hole for art and creativity?  Well whoever it was they were wrong!

Tonight, Friday 15th Oct. at EverEver Gallery
Mi Casa es Su Casa will be exhibiting works by Colin Wyatt and Kiel Tillman.  The works have a Mexican/Southern Californian theme to them in a broad range of mediums from wall papers through to sculptures. 

Tonight is opening night, from 6pm til 9pm, but if alas you cannot make it, the exhibition runs until 9th November.

EverEver is located here for those of you (like me) who wander up and down James street wondering WHERE?!?

GIVEAWAY - Onceworn Twiceloved

This weeks Local Creative, Sue from Onceworn has been oh so kind and generous, and has created a very special one-of-a-kind little leather purse which is going to be given away to one lucky reader.

Here it is.....

All handcrafted using re-purposed materials, so not only is it a little stunner, it has an environmental concience too, and it could be all yours!

If you haven't yet read about Sue and all her creative wares, you can do so here and here

For the chance to win, simply comment below, and will be drawing out the lucky winner next Friday morn. Only one comment per person please, but be sure to share this little gem with all your friends and fam. so that they have the chance to snap up a little piece of Gold Coast creative treasure too.

A great big Thanks to Sue for her wonderful generosity!
Show your support for the Creative Uprising of the Gold Coast, and support handmade, and the local community.

Love Hatch

Thursday, October 14, 2010

In their own words: Onceworn Twiceloved

Here my fine feathered friends, you will find some Q&A with the lovely Sue from Onceworn all about what she does, why she does it, and what life for her is like on the (not so sunny of late) Gold Coast

You can find Sue's
Etsy shop here:
Madeit shop here:

Darling Sue has kindly donated some handcrafted, upcycled, made with love goodness which will be up for grabs to one lucky blog reader tomorrow, so be sure to come back and check it out!

But now, lets see what Sue has to say....

What was the motivation behind starting up onceworn? Onceworn twiceloved is the outlet for my creative side, satisfying a passion for op-shopping, design and sewing.  It all started with needing a new handbag myself, and has just grown from there.  I make one-of-a-kind handbags and accesories from secondhand and vintage leather jackets and fabrics.
Who do you invisage as a buyer/wearer/lover of your items?
I design things that I like to use and wear myself.  I see onceworn appealing to women who like something unique and quirky, but still practical, well designed and well-made.  I hope that the fact that I am re-purpposing things that might otherwise be thrown away is also a drawcard from a sustainability point of view.  My bags come with a tag showing the original jacket that they were created from so you can see what they started out life as.
How did you learn your craft?
I have sewn on and off for my whole life, making lots of my own clothes and things for our home.  My mum taught me to sew when I was really young.  She's the best seamstress ever, and has way more patience than me.  She tolerated many a tantrum when the sewing machine chewed up the cotton and jammed!  
What is the best thing you have found to repurpose?
I recently came across my best find ever, a vintage steel grey-blue full length leather ladies trench coat for $10!!!  It would make the most beautiful bag, and I won't lie, I'm tempted, but there are some things that are perfect just as they are.  I can't bring myself to cut it, so I'm going to wear it in winter! 

Describe the art scene of the Gold Coast through your eyes? I've only been on the coast for 10 years, but over that time I have definitely seen the arts, crafts and design scene on the Gold Coast grow, slowly but steadily.  There are new markets showcasing handcrafted items, and arty, different shops and galleries popping up all the time.  There isn't really one spot where these types of shops/galleries and venues are concentrated here though, like in alot of major cities, and that makes it difficult for them to get discovered.  I love it that blogs like The Hatchling Society are able to give these people and places the exposure they deserve, and I'll certainly be checking back in regularly.
What do you dream for the future of onceworn?
I would love for onceworn to become a full-time job and have more time to create. I have alot more ideas for things I'd like to make, homewares and other things.  If I could sew full-time it would be great!  

Be sure to show your support for this wonderful Gold Coast lady and her wares, and from The Hatchling Society, a great big THANKS SUE!!

If you, or someone you know would like to be the Showcase seller (or even the one asking the questions) you can contact us on facebook here or by Email

Don't forget to share and be a part of the creative uprising of the Coast

..xx Hatch

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Showcase Wednesday - Onceworn Twiceloved

This weeks local artisan is the lovely Sue from 'Onceworn Twiceloved', a fantastic local crafter, who finds and repurposes vintage and second hand leather items, and gives them a whole new life, and a whole new somebody-to-love. Just like this...

She inherited her love of sewing from her Mama, and her passion for re-purposing began at the tender age of 5 when said Mama unpicked and resized a dress of her own to fit her darling daughter.

Sue never knew quite what she wanted to be, and has dabbled in everything from Zoology to Computer Graphics, but like so many, the call to get creative took over, and this, combined with her lust for all things vintage saw the beginnings of onceworn. 

Her focus on creating beautiful yet sustainable items makes them all the more delightful, and her self-confessed perfectionism means that every item is finished to a superstar quality.

 Sue's gorgeous wares can be found in the Onceworn Etsy Shop,, which is consistently updated with new and delightful treasures, and also on madeit

Monday, October 11, 2010

Whats Happening? - 11/10/2010

Tonight there is music and good times to be had at the Cave/Cavern.
Jez Mead, Genevieve Chadwick and Matt Southon will be delighting and exciting ears and hearts with their musical talents.  It is free entry (woop!) and kicks off at 7pm.  On days like these where the rain is a pain, a night at the Cave might heal your brain!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Showcase Wednesday (Even though its Thursday) The Gold Coast Mobile Visual Art Unit

Find out what it is like to be a creative Entreprenuer on the Gold Coast with Jane Whittred from the Gold Coast Mobile Visual Art Unit.....

What do you think makes your business unique?
The combination of my Bachelor of Art and Education Diploma and a life time of experience in the visual arts.

What are you influenced and inspired by when creating?
I love being self employed and to be able to use my mix of qualifications under one hat and make a difference to a group or an individual is all I need to go further. A light bulb flicked on after the 10th parent asked me to do something like this as they wanted their children to use their brains creatively like we did when we were kids. There is too much 'screen' distraction these days. The business just kept growing with new opportunities appearing every week.

Describe who you imagine a Mobile Visual Art participant to be?
They range from kindy age (exploring colour and using fine motor skills) right through to aged care (art therapy) and everyone else in between. I would love to work with different disabilities, both mental and physical as well soon.

Describe a typical day in the life of the Mobile Visual Art Unit?
Hard to describe as no day is the same. At the end of the day there are always smiling faces and a sense of confidence about the person and what they have created.

What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about working within the Arts spectrum on the Gold Coast?
We live in a very fast moving part of the country with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and yet although the Arts Community is not huge, we are still here and will continue to grow.

What is the most Challenging?
The low dollar value of genuine artwork, the willingness to follow trends rather than creating or purchasing individual pieces and the price parents and the education system is willing to spend on educating our youth through visual art.

Describe the Gold Coast through your eyes?
Although I have grown up on the Gold Coast and love the place I don't like how we have accepted our boring style of architecture which sets a low expectation of our creativity. Saying that, with our fabulous climate up here it will never be dull.

What do you wish for the future of art, creativity, and culture on the Coast?
 I visited St Ives, Cornwall (UK) 6 years ago and adored how they had little artist studios on every corner of every street. Where ever you looked there was talent and although Gold Coast can't be compared (for so many reasons) how lovely it would be to support our talent and have little studios popping up all over the place and the community really getting behind them and buying local quality art.

Thank you so much to Jane for sharing a little bit of magic with us all.
You can find Jane on Facey here or you can send her through an Email at

Friday, October 1, 2010

In their own words: Buttons Dior

Find out what being a creative on the Gold Coast is like for Buttons Dior.
Here you can read an interview with the creator, designer and brain behind it all, the fabulous Nic Dior...

What do you think makes Buttons Dior unique?
Because 99% of my items are made with unique, quirky and one of a kind buttons. Our entire range is one of a kind, you will not find it in other sizes or colours.

What are you influenced and inspired by when creating?
My grandmother had a huge collection of buttons that i spent hours sifting through. I was amazed at the gorgeous little embellishments and with already having a clothing line to cater for children and alternate families, i thought i would expand and involve these Delicious buttons.

Vintage Flowers Singlet

Describe who you imagine a Buttons Dior wearer to be?
Someone who doesn't roll with the crowds. Who is happy to be seen in one off items.

4.) What is the best thing about your job?
I can work at home, surrounded by my 3 little angels. I can also pack my gear up and created from different locations. Expanding my inspiration.

What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about being an Artisan on the Gold Coast, and what is the most Challenging?
The most rewarding would have to be the exposure. The Gold Coast is very tight knit and word of mouth spreads fast. Everyone is always supporting new and upcoming artisans and with alot of boutique stores around, every one is willing to give you a go.

On the flip side, that would also be my challenging, as there as so many devine designers on the gold coast, that you really need to Stop, and think about where you want your business to take you.

 Im not in it for the fame or the money. Im in in to provide alternate clothing, to families on a tight budget like us. And a way of releasing my creativity. Its also a great way to meet new and wonderful people!

Buttons Dior at the Burleigh Farmers Market
Thank you so much to the wonderful Nic for letting us all find out about the workings and inspiration of a very talented woman.

Buttons Dior can be found on Facey here and you can contact Buttons by email:

Show your support for local artisans doing something unique and brilliant on the Gold Coast people.

With love
Hatch ..xx